Momento Mori 1

Momento Mori 1


$ 375.00

This Mandala like montage uses elements assembled from nature.  Often incorporated in meditation and mindfulness practice the detail and depth within this image offers endless enjoyment. This is heirloom quality fine art.

This image is a culmination of time and labor. The Component pieces are grown and aged, or collected from nature. These become the “palette” used for the design. The design is achieved through a variety of techniques. Items from the palette are chosen and hand assembled. An artist created imaging technique is then used to capture these elements in the studio.   

Using digital painting techniques the final composition is completed and refined. 

Each work is printed individually by the artist in the studio on 100% cotton, acid free, mould-made paper. Each print is created in the studio and hand inspected prior to receiving the artists signature and emboss to assure authenticity.

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